Client Testimonials

Nofsinger’s methods and leadership tools work – I’ve seen the evidence first hand. I strongly recommend their services.


Bruce Chizen

Former CEO; Adobe Systems Incorporated

Nofsinger’s strength is getting people to focus on what’s really the end goal.

Arnie Prentice

Original Investor & Board Member; Starbucks Corporation

I can’t thank you enough. The team has responded really well to your team building session.
USA Rugby

Richie Walker

Women’s Eagles 7s Head Coach; USA Rugby
Nofsinger is known for an ability to deliver insight into relationships that drive performance, followed by coaching on how to use the insight to improve performance.

Stephen Light

CEO; Xerium Technologies

One of Nofsinger’s real strengths is their understanding of management challenges in the venture world – both in VC firms and in VC backed companies.
Frazier Healthcare Partners

Tom Hodge

Former COO; Frazier Healthcare Partners

Chrismon efficiently provided me with the tools and feedback required to improve my leadership skills. It’s been a long journey, and I’m glad I’ve got him at my back.

Sam Blackman

Former CEO and Co-founder; Elemental Technologies
Chrismon and his team provide actionable, simple, and effective tools which have been vital to my success.
Alteryx Logo

Mark Anderson

Chief Executive Officer, Alteryx

I highly recommend Chrismon and his team as leadership partners.

John Springer

President; Glosten Inc.
Nofsinger Group is a valued partner to our organization.

Melinda Giovengo

President & CEO; YouthCare
Nofsinger’s Emerging Leaders Program has been the single most important professional development of my career.

Ben Waters

CEO & Co-founder; WiBotic, Inc.

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